Lucky Pet, the only pure fish brand in SA has finally returned.
Your kitty knows it's delicious. You know it’s nutritious.
Now everyone’s grinning like a Cheshire.

Cats across the country truly love Lucky Pet Sardines.

And they’ve been seriously missing their favourite meal since 2015.


But Lucky Pet has heard their call, and has officially relaunched the only
100% pure fish brand in SA - with 
no additives, no preservatives and packed
with essential vitamins and minerals.


People that love and care for their cats only want the best for them.
Not only is Lucky Pet the 
most nutritious option on the market,
it’s also the 
paw-pular favourite.

Cape Town (Head Office) Oceana House
PO Box 4239 Cape Town 8000

[t] +27 21 415 8600
[f] +27 21 413 2106
Customer care line: 0860 102 500

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